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While the general family man, monthly pay is one or two money,gucci outlet plus a year. This among civilians, is pretty good. But in a family, a man to keep a woman, children, the elderly. Women farm, except for the home to eat, also can be divided into two three two pieces of silver. One family, one year income is not high. Past times. Only the white horse to help pay money, Teng Jia Zhuang people can live a good life. If Tieshan to help pay high years of money, then, can really eat a problem. "Don't in this crap." High sat two masters, face sank, "the great Li Zhuang, one of two two silver can afford to pay, you can not afford to pay?" Green hill. Teng Yunlong pulled a Wratten Qingshan arm, near Teng Qingshan, low voice whispered, "the two take charge of strength is too strong,

with one stroke of the hammer blow us Chuang-tzu door, absolutely million pounds of strength, no good. Four thousand two hundred silver, we have to endure, to pay off. Tieshan white horse help and help, sure that one day will be a winner." "The old gentleman said to!"gucci handbags The two man laughed, "we Tieshan help and white help will tell on time, etc., the charming help finished, we Tieshan help will also reduce the money, we also know how long." Teng Yunlong face a change, he depressed voice, thought the two take charge of not to hear. Did not expect the other side can be crystal clear. "The white horse help finished, then reduce the money?" Teng Qingshan heart a burst of anger. The two gangs winner, who knows how long? The past history, the gang competition in more than a decade, is not never been. "Two take charge of, this time,

we can endure, can gather together, make such a sum of money, but the next time we Chuang-tzu how to do?" Teng Qingshan's body inside the strength you from the legs into the earth in the direction towards the thieves, burst. Suddenly, the ground shook violently. "Rumble ~ ~ ~" from Teng Qingshan's feet, ground turtle opened, extending towards the direction of thieves. The horse was jumping up, "law," a rampage, many thieves smashed to the ground. Horse group in a panic,gucci bags outlet the two headed is turned slightly changed, dark way: "this kid, so strong." Martial arts field of bending cracking trace, looks ferocious. Teng Qingshan stared at the two masters, sharp eyes, in a low voice: "two masters, also hope you can give us Teng Jia Zhuang a way out!" The second chapter Teng's son Qingshan thirty-fourth chapter two hundred and twenty silver update time: 2010-2-9 9:56:53 the word count: 5610: Recommended Recommended ticket, ticket, a little, on the recommended list first. Mobile phone easily read: W , kxs.Com finishing it. - now we look at power.. Red fire horse two headed eyes flashing, I said: "this is called Teng Qingshan boy strength is strong, but the territory of Yicheng, are extremely tough, if pushed too hard, Teng Jia Zhuang this group of wild boor I'm afraid it might start off before slaughter, heimu village, gucci bagslet me die in Tieshan to help better brothers. If today to begin...... I'm afraid today I brought the one thousand brothers