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To die half!" Teng Jia Zhuang valor, spread abroad. But today, cheap birkenstock sandalsthe two masters also found, Teng Jia Zhuang unexpectedly inside strength master, that makes him afraid. With inner strength master Chuang-tzu, really kill, he the one thousand thieves, wins are wins. Tieshan gang and white help fight soon, in Teng Jia Zhuang lose a lot of people, it is not worth....... Teng Qingshan's voice behind, shake the ground. Teng Jia Zhuang people heart Anxi, also looked at the horse head. Tieshan help one of the thieves are looking at their two home, now we are waiting for two when the speaker! Ha-ha. Two take charge of to laugh, eyes sharp staring below Teng Qingshan, "good fight, to see the little brother you this skill, I also Shouyang is.

Rather, we exchange views and learn." "Learn from?" Turnbull people are turning to Teng Qingshan. "Castle Peak, don't." Teng Yunlong said in a low voice, "the two masters in the outside world, birkenstock outletcertainly has a lot of means, but the inner strength is very impressive, a hammer bomb ground I Teng Jia Zhuang door. Not to be trifled with. If the discussion when, under the ruthless hands, Castle peak...... You're still young." Not only worried about Teng Yunlong, Teng Yongfan, Yuan Lan and his wife are extremely worried about their son. In their view, the two masters is a sophisticate, all very much. Their son, also has been wandering in the territory of Yicheng, has seen several house master. "Dad, mom, Grandpa, all right. Two take charge of but senior master, and I will not care about this boy." Teng Qingshan smiled, holding the gun went past, arch hand way, "I heard that two headed brave man, a hammer on the boom broken I Teng Jia Zhuang door, I also itchy very.

se provides this chapter most novice play "" ha ha,birkenstock shoes good man!" The two man laughed, "you promised to consider, this one, reduce the money also is a word. Come, little brother, be careful!" Then, the two masters with two red copper hammer, immediately jump down from. "Out of the way." Two take charge of shouting. The horse suddenly martial arts field were immediately on the bridle, let the horses to step aside, a full twenty feet long and wide. Clearing only with two huge red copper hammer of the two masters, two take charge of Ma, Tengshi family discovered that, the two headed figure is very large, the sunshine, the bald man the whole people like cast iron general, holding a red copper hammer, like a fiend. "Castle Peak, not rash, protect a life important." Teng Yunlong looked at the grandson, some worry, tension. Teng Qingshan to the pro people laugh, and then hold the rod of steel pike, stride to the parade ground. The two masters such as Lord, Teng Qingshan was barely is tall, and two as a ratio of a number of small, apparently. After all, Teng Qingshan isbirkenstock sandals only more than seven feet (one meter eight), but the two man is half a head taller than Teng Qing Shan, waist circumference were thick on a circle. Two people stood on the ground. "Please." Two take charge of a hand. "Please." Teng Qingshan also lost.