Two consecutive gun. Shoot him, jumping and the strong white,air max with near perfect. If Teng Qingshan should be on the roof, using the knife against the whites, distracted conditions, facing the s killer 'sharpshooter' Sun Ze bullets, absolutely can not escape. But if he can dodge bullets in the face of close combat, strong 'broken machine' Doll Geert Rolf, also be in trouble. For a time, Teng Qingshan seems to have no way. "Hum!" Shot in the sun Ze, flash Doll Geert Rolf leaped, Teng Qingshan also did not hesitate, foot force, a roof tile fragmentation, Teng Qingshan directly toward the bottom fall.

This fall, the two enemy offensive failed completely. Teng Qingshan looked like electric falling, staring at the top right hand,nike air max 95 stable no trace of trembling, suddenly, "Xu"!" Misty dawn, flying as bright as a lightning bolt, across the space, through the roof. "Laugh!" That familiar sound resounds, lets Teng Qingshan mouth with a smile, apparently flying knife has already hit the target. Teng Qingshan the whole person a cat leaped, flexible and rapid into the back room, in bed below over one hand grasping, left and right hands each holding a fruit knife five handle,

buy a fruit knife in any one city is a very simple thing, Castle Peak in the double leg Teng hands between a fruit knife, the handle is inserted into the ten tied to the legs on the air max 90 "Peng!" Abrupt, Teng Aoyama head tile suddenly burst, a horrible figure like a prehistoric monster from falling. "Dole Gott rove! With this monster of close combat, winning probability is not high. But, once he catches hold of, the sun Ze and shooting, I die!" Teng Qingshan face a change, foot one Deng, like a clumsy elephants, but strange to the rear mobile meters, then hands and feet hard, like a tiger, it has already entered the yard. Xingyi boxing as a strong, Teng Qingshan in speed is fast. From the house came into the yard, the morning chill winds, but also there is a bullet! "Puff!"

A bullet almost quasi Teng Qingshannike air max 1 jumping speed and range, just to intercept and come, Teng Qingshan has already made the backhand is one handle knife throws a cold face shining with metallic luster, through several meters space, accurate to the pole, and the bullet struck together. "Qiang!" The bullet was split rebound aside. "Puff!" But at the same time, another bullet had arrived. On power, Teng Qingshan's flying larger, than the general power of the bullet but, on a speed, Teng Qingshan throw a knife, through professional gun modified can shoot a few bullets. "Hum." Teng Qingshan in the sky with the whole body,nike air max like a swimming dragon, the bullet shooting straight in Teng Castle right arm, and Teng Castle right at this moment as the tension of the tendon, while the right arm a twist to the right arm, as there are several tendon in the rebound rotation. A strong